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Importance of Non - standard Screw Machining

  • 发布时间:2016-11-23

We can not ignore the non-standard screw processing, because it is the whole world to become strong, we often see a box because there are two non-standard screws, you will be difficult to open it in good condition, if you do not Standard screw to get away words. Non-standard screw figure is a person's shadow, although small, but if it is placed in the right position, it is the power of play is not to be underestimated. The machine is also because of a variety of non-standard screw connection to have life, if there is no non-standard screws, it is only a pile of copper and iron only.

Non-standard screw processing is not a simple work, non-standard screws on the non-standard screw thread to be produced in accordance with the provisions of security, this provision is the standard, in the industry in general The world's most commonly used standard is GB China National Standard , There are other countries in the United States, Japan and Germany. Its classification is also a lot of organic screws, self-tapping screws, wallboard nails, fiberboard nails, drilling screws, wood screws, hexagonal wood screws, do not prolapse screws, combination screw 12 categories. Its use is different, the head is not the same, the head type can be divided into: Hex head, hexagonal head of the flange, square head, T-shaped head, flat round head, cylindrical head, round head , The head of the plate, Shen head, half-sinking.

The processing of the production process is also different, even now non-standard screw development and research is also under way, a good non-standard screws can also be developed to come out of the bank's special patent, so there will be a high economy value. We want to know the processing of non-standard screws is not just a small tool for the production, contains a very strong scientific and technological strength, to hold a serious and responsible heart to deal with non-standard screws, so that the world can be more secure, .