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Analysis on Break of Nut Taps

  • 发布时间:2016-11-21

Nut taps break analysis of the four kinds of common situation:

1. In the tapping process, due to the force of the hands of the operator is not balanced, resulting in changes in the direction of force and break the tap. This situation occurs in the smaller diameter of the thread processing.

2. Bottom hole diameter and nut taps do not match. For example, when processing M5 × 0.5 thread, this should be drilled Ø4.5mm drill hole, if the misuse of the Ø4.2mm drill bit for M5 to processing, as the aperture becomes smaller, and the tap does not match, the torque must increase. At this point if the operator has not yet found the wrong drill and continue to force the tapping, then the phenomenon of broken nut taps must appear.

3. When the blind hole is machined, the tap will break when the nut taps are about to touch the bottom of the hole, and the operator does not realize that the tapping speed is not reached.

4. When processing the blind hole thread, if some of the chips can not be discharged in time and fill in the bottom of the hole, the operator if the forced to continue tapping, tap is bound to break.