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Screw demand this year a sharp decline in urgent need of restructuring

  • 发布时间:2016-11-21

    The use of screws and manufacturing has been a major industry in China, we can say that China is a complete screw exporting countries, for many developed countries imported a large number of advantages of products. Similarly, in the last year, the overall market in Europe and America have been hit, or even a negative growth situation, which for domestic enterprises can be said to be hit hard. However, the good news is that this year, the situation is much better than last year.

    Of course, although compared with last year is improved, or did not escape the negative growth trend and situation, which also shows another cruel fact, that is, the screw industry needs a very positive rectification and measures, that is, That is a great need to transition, but who will guide? How should the transformation? This is the problem of the current domestic screw industry.

    In fact, a well-known problem is that the screw is a small component, so that it in the formal machinery manufacturing industry share is not large, but its role and importance is completely without replacement, which But also why many companies in the case of knowing the difficulties or insist on the reasons for entering the industry. Similarly, the data is the most telling, in the past few years, the growth of China's screws is also there.

    In the early days, China's expansion of screw factory development is limited, but even after opening the door even more than double-digit growth. From another point of view, to zero years when the negative growth began to decline, even down to 1.5% compared to the same period, this figure is still very large after the calculation.